Time To Dance

Sitting at the table

Just a-talkin’

up a storm

The bracelet on her arm

was so very smart

It let us know

we’ve been sittin’ too long

So she said, with a smile,

“I’ve got to get up and walk around awhile.”

Out the door we stepped

and just like that

the two of us

started dancing

sliding across in rhythm

an old line dance

that we hadn’t done

since God knows when

And all I could think

is that we’ll remember this

years from now

the day that 

two of us got up and danced

in the middle of a Saturday afternoon

on a  warm November day

all because a bracelet 

was smart enough to say

“it’s time to dance!”

💗 Judy and Jeanna’

      12 years apart

      Raised by the same

      woman that danced.

      👣Jeanna’ Mead

         11-26-17.   7 04 a.m 


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