How Will I Know

He’s 900 miles away

much too far to hold her in his arms

but that doesn’t mean he’s not close

close enough to feel everything

except her hand in his and her breath against his skin

So he just takes it one moment at time

knowing good and well that the time will be here

and she will know the answer to the question she asked

not so very long ago

“How will I know?”

when she finally lets go

closes her eyes one last time

breathes her last and holds on

to the handrail of heavens stairs

where her soul knows the way

becoming once  again

what she first was

going right back

where she came from

becoming the North Star

for the one that is waiting

900 miles away

to feel her whisper against his skin

to see the stars and know

she is right there

watching him close

seeing all the tears glistening in his eyes

as he looks up and says

“Now she she she knows

and so do we.”



Jeanna’ Mead

5 53 p.m 1–21-18

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