What A Day

Running in and out

here and there

Caught my reflection

in a mirror I almost purchased

and I stared a little too long

made a decision

right then and there

“I am coming back

missed myself too long now

hiding under the rock

bottom of the totem pole

finding reasons

that became excuses

results aren’t to my liking

changed too many things

for too long

had enough

and I’m coming back now”

Then next thing I know

couldn’t find anything

that felt right

nothing called me by name

and that’s just the way

my intuition works

Spirit whispering

paving the way

letting me know

things are about to change

“I’m gonna miss this place

coming here so long now

my hiding spot

a little bit of sanctuary

coming to pass

time to move along

find another space

to call my own”


no worries

here and there

everything happens

for a reason

sooner or later

I always knew

it’ll be coming

and I’m gonna take me

wherever I go

intuition is gonna lead me

show me the way

I’ll find myself again

wherever I am.
👣Jeanna’ Mead

4 54 a.m.  2-9-18


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