Friends- a dance with Paulo

Paulo Coelho: A friend accepts us as we are
And helps us to be what we should.”

Wisdom from Paulo…..what have your friends helped you become?

Interesting reflection. My friends and my patients teach me about people. Part of my unending quest to understand as much as I can about people. My friends teach me joy, fun, forgiveness, give and take, celebrating who they are and also who I am, they spark my interest not just in them, but in the world around them, they broaden my horizons, stretch my thinking and feeling. They touch and awaken parts of me that are dormant and resonate with parts of me that are alive and vibrant. This feels like just a start.-


I have learned
to accept
what can be given
what is taken
far and away
I have seen the depths of rage
jealously and hate
and the unending
reach of mercy and grace
I’ve been bought to my knees
more times that I can count
heartbroken and in despair
then lifted higher
than ever I dared imagine
by the hands of a friend
I’ve stood along
that ragged edge
and clenched my fist
but then again
I’ve stood there
surrendering to the sweet embrace
that I found
I’ve learned a thing or two
I hope I’ve also taught a thing or two
I’ve been a friend
and a foe
a lover and a loser
a woman hidden and exposed
and through it all
I’ve no regrets
except that I didn’t do enough of it all.

šŸ‘£šŸ’— Jeanna’

Paulo Coelho: A new friend represents a new universe, created the day she/he arrived.

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