That’s The Way It Is

She said, “Yes.”

 she meant, “no”

it was much easier,though

to go with the flow

to hold back and hold on

keep it the way is

She said, “No”

she meant “Yes”

but she couldn’t let on

she held back instead 

turned away and pushed back

that’s just the way it is

She wanted more

settled for less

wanted to run

but she walked instead

She dreamed of the place

nestled in the trees

water rippling over her feet

wildflowers growing

in nooks and crannies

treasures restored

whimsical paintings

That’s the way it was supposed to be

Hammock between the trees

curled up to write and read

She wrestled mightily

to see herself

anywhere else

but that’s the way it is

for now

So she says “Yes”

to what she can

and she holds on

to what she’ll have

She wants more

but she’ll take less

just until she can have all

That’s just how it is.

👣❤Jeanna’ Mead

8 13 a.m.  7-4-18

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