Fun To Watch

She hadn’t expected this

which made it all 

the more

a delightful surprise

profound wisdom

genuine insight

Sitting in her bed

coffee in her hand

Read a devotional

and the simple words

made her laugh 

shake her head

“Did you ever think

of what God would say

when you finally show up

at heaven’s gate?”

He’s going to wrap his arms around you

look you in the eye

and with a grin and a chuckle

He’ll say, “Welcome home. child of mine… sure were fun to watch!”

She. hadn’t expected that

never thought twice

if the good  Lord

up in heaven

had ever shook His head

wondering why 

she kept on

acting this way

but He knew

good and well

she had to do things

the hard way sometimes

hard headed

tender hearted

hand ful

hot mess

but she sure was

fun to watch.

👣❤ Jeanna’ Mead

9 57 p.m 7-13-18

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