She made it

Plain and clear

That to touch her body

One must know her heart

To touch her soft skin

First touch her soul

all the hard, broken places

To know her well enough

So that she’ll let go

Look deep into her words

Read between the lines

Find out what she means

Underneath it all

There’s always more

that meets the eye

below the surface

Just like underneath

the denim and the boots

there’s soft silk and delicate lace

That she wears all the time

an indulgence she makes

as reminders for herself

To never settle for less

Than the things she so desired

like to be known and to know

give and receive

hold on and let go


all the other things

That she was expected to be

…👣❤ Jeanna’ ..

10 16 p.m. 8.16.18



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