Not Another Word

She had already told

Requested and mentioned

Way too many times

Reached out

Dropped hints

As big as can be

Left tell tale signs

And crumbs along the way

Made it clear as day

That there was more to see

Read between the lines


In plain sight

Words that would explain

Give insight


Shine light

Open doors

It was an invitation

That was unopened

An unlocked gate

Undiscovered treasure

Right within reach

She had said enough

And that was all she would

Not another word

She’ll just let go

Of all that

And see what happens

It’ll become plain as day

Perfectly clear

But it might be too late

Door may be closed

Gate might be locked

Treasure could be buried

Behind a wall

Invitation cancelled

The chance may well be gone

But she won’t say

Another word

Jeanna’ Mead

7 47 a.m. 8-29-18

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