Both Hands

Looks like I’ve made it

Lord knows I’ve tried

You kept telling me

That I would have to do it

One day at a time

So sweet Jesus

I’ve done my best

Without bawling and squalling or carrying on

But days like today

I sure miss the way

You loved me with both hands

I sure miss the way you called to say,

“There’s a pot of stew on the stove and a prune cake in the oven…come on over”

I know I haven’t felt completely the same

Since the day you went

Running to dance

Heading straight to glory

Eyes twinkling with pure delight

As you grabbed hold to Jesus

And finally got that chance

To dance with your Savior

Like you had always planned

Well you left bits and pieces

I swear you’ve been sending

Little touches here and yonder

To make sure we don’t forget

All the things you taught us

From as long as we can remember

I don’t go “acting ugly”

Though I’m often tempted to

And I try my best to not to dress

“Like country coming to town”

I make sure to threaten to “pinch the heads off” anyone that bad talks someone that I love

I buy little presents for no good reason

And I flirt up a storm just the way you did

But Lord, have mercy,


There’s a little girl that’s just four years old

That I swear must be having deep long talks with you

While she’s sleeping

Cause it sure must be your doing

That she says the things she does

She said I love her “too much”

Just like you used to do

She sings way too loud

In public places

And makes me dance in the aisles

So I’m sure it’s all because you’ve been sweet talking

Up yonder with Jesus

Sending little messages

Telling stories

About jack rabbits on roller skates

Sinners and saints and people with no good sense and no shame

So even though I’ve made it

Without bawling,squalling and carrying on

It sure will feel real good about now

To sit down and visit for a while

Dip cookies in black coffee

Meet at the store and do some shopping

Feel you wrap the measuring tape around my waist

And poke me with needles and pins

And feel you loving on me with both hands.

๐Ÿ’—๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’žFor my Mema

Jeanna’ Mead

October 22 2018

8 14 a.m

Please play this song and dance for her today.

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