“This is the saddest place on Earth,” I say. “Take it from a rat, kid – there are lots of saddest places on Earth…” – Chris Lynch, Cyberia


In The HardWire Tangle
Of All Things Virtual
We Are But Clickety-Clicks
On The Keyboard
Of A Not-So
Heavenly Host

We Are
Waffling Waves
Of Histrionic Whimsy
Raging Against
The Wet-Wired
Micro-Chipzian Shore…

How Fearlessly
Do We Wield Our
Status Update Personas
Data Surfing
In Streaming Live Feeds
Our Sustenance Flowing Freely
Through The Stiffened Teats
Of Our Artificial Mother…

All Hail Cyberia!

We Are Becoming
A Jumbled Conundrum
of Zeros & Ones
With Emoticons Twittering
Perched Precariously
On The Perimeter
A Black Hole
Of Limitless Information

We Are Becoming
Holograms & Streaming Audios
Selfies In The Mirror
Characters On A Screen
Photoshopped Gods & Goddesses
With Thick Glasses
& Faltering Social Skills

At The Knees…


Well, Damn,if this isn’t how she feels
Trapped by the things that made her this
She loves it and she hates it
Ragged edge
Velvet cuffs
Electronic leash
Damn things

But where would she be
If she didn’t find
The door opened
By some guy
She only knows because of
The mystical waves of Cyberia

Damn things.
Can’t live without it
Can’t live with it

Kinda like love, men,margaritas and mystery

💙👣Jeanna’ Mead
Damn…lol. 7 11 a.m 11-6-18

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