Two or Three Words

She didn’t need much at all

Two or three words

Would be all that it would take


To open up the gates

Of her imagination

Set the fire burning

Pull her to the ragged edge

Where she could go

Tumbling after

Head over heels

Out of control

Free falling

High flying


That’s why

Ever once in awhile

Blue moon

She would ask

To be given

Two or three words

Just enough to go on

Jump start

Little push

That is all it takes

To get her going

Riding downhill

Hands in the air

Fast as she can

Tumbling after.

Free falling

Word after word

Into place

Making sense


Of everything she feels

From getting just.

Two or Three words.

👣💗Jeanna’ Mead

4 28 p.m. 11.12.18

By jeannasoul

I'm a woman that is absolutely in love with life....I'm doing what I love to do-as a massage therapist,a writer,a seeker of all that touches my soul and lifts my body.
I find great pleasure in the midst of chaos, in time with nature and kindred spirits.
I love the wisdom and clarity of Paulo Coelho, the music that makes me dance, and being present with the person I'm with.
I write to fulfill my soul and, hopefully, to touch others.

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