Stranger In The Mirror


t seemed so hard to believe

The woman looking back

Is only slightly familiar

Big brown eyes

Brown hair

Are still the same

But the grace is gone

And the smile is wistful

The body shows signs of age

Time gone by

Bad decisions made

This and that




She finally had

Just about all she could take

Of the stranger in the mirror

That claimed to be her

So she swore

To herself

And those that knew her best

To get back up

Once again

Where she could admit

The woman in the mirror

Was the best she’s ever been

She was tough


Sure and confident

Strong as a bull

Just about as stubborn

Full of surprises

And with a smile that spoke volumes

A body that showed age was just a number

Of birthdays celebrated

Time gone by

This and that




All because she knew

Damn straight

Who the stranger in the mirror

Really wanted to be.

👣💗 Jeanna’ Mead

5 03 a.m 12-10-18

👣today I begin a 6 week challenge to find my body dig through the stones of excuses and disappointment and find the treasure of who I am

It’s not gonna be easy but it will be worth it

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