Present In This Moment

One of the things that I love the most about my art and craft is that the very nature of my work requires that I be present in the moment.

I tune in to the person with me…even trying to match my breathing patterns so we are in unison.

I’m all there.

My hands move over muscles, and my mind focuses on what I’m doing,what they are feeling, where we are in the moment.

It’s beautiful.

It’s sacred.

It’s a dance.

It’s an exchange.

Most of the time anyways.

But sometimes it’s not quite that way.

There are times when the one on my table isn’t meant for me .

The vibe is wrong.

The balance is gone.

The connection is weak.

I brace myself.

Grounding deep into my own energy so that I can give and not receive back any negative energies.

It’s not easy.

It’s still important.

It matters.

I give and give.

In such a way

That I don’t receive back.

I simply hold the moment present.

Doing my best

Letting my hands touch

Hold muscles

Glide over

Reach deeply enough

To help, to heal,to satisfy.

To be able to tell myself that I did my what I was supposed to as well as I could.

These thoughts came to me as I received a pedicure. In the beginning,the older man focused on the detailed work; removing polish, clipping nails,filing and buffing my feet smooth.

His eyes on my feet.



But then, the “easy” part came..massaging my calves and feet,with got stones and applying lotion.

This is where he lost me.

He let his eyes wander..watching others walk in, staring at the television, glancing at his co-workers.

The difference in his touch was felt instantly.

He was distracted.


Out of sync.

I felt my body response…wanting the session to be over…ready to leave.

I braced myself again.

Grounding down.

I begin to write.

Letting my words flow…claming my own spirit.

Being mindful of what I could control.

He applied the polish.

Smiled up at me.

I smiled back, touched his arm and thanked him.

Then I asked him to slip my flip flops on.

He looked surprised.

Most women wait awhile, letting the polish dry, leaning back into the vibrations of the massage chair.

Not me.

I had enough of being in a place where my body was touched without considering my soul.

I was ready to leave.

Mindful of the present.

I expect more..maybe even too much…but I hold others to what I am.

All there.

Present and in awe.

Body and Soul.

👣💗Jeanna’ Mead

8 3 0 a.m 12-25-18

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