Last Day to Make Love

It’s the last day

Of this year

Nothing I can say

Will change anything

Nothing I do

Can make it last

One more day

I hope to God

I loved enough

That I made good use

Of every chance

I was given

I hope to God

There’s no regrets

Nothing left unsaid

I hope I let go

Of all that wasn’t mine

I hope I kept the promises

I made

Gave allowance for those

Promised to me

I know full well

I didn’t do all the things

I had promised myself

Didn’t dance enough

Didn’t write a book

Didn’t travel much

Didn’t take enough chances

But this is what I’ve done

I’ve made love

While standing up

Walking around

In unexpected places

And all kinds of ways

I’ve kissed the tops of heads

And the bottom of feet

Snuggled with babies

And people way older than me

I’ve held tight to strangers

Until they became part of me

I’ve crossed some lines

Blurred others

While making love

I’ve planted seeds

Along the way

And when they bloom

It tickles me pink

To see the way making love

Is such a good thing

I know I’ve held hands

But certainly not enough

I wish to God

I could go back in time

And do much more

I would have had that long lunch

Gone to dinner

Climbed that path

Walked all the way over

To comfort the sad eyed man

I wish to God

I hadn’t wasted any time

Thinking that I wasn’t good enough

To walk outside

In white shorts

Pretty wedges

Mini dresses

And turquoise bikinis

I should have loved myself

Way better than I did

While I was out and about

Making love

To everyone else

I wish so much

I had made love to myself

It’s the last day

Of a good long year

I hope to God

I’ve got dozens of years left

So I can keep promises

Make allowances

Slow dance

Sweet talk

Treasure hunt

Accept invitations

Give out a bunch

And make love

Make lots and lots

Of love

👣💗Jeanna’ Mead

5 54 a.m 12.31.18

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