Daddy’s words made me feel
Beautiful and smart
The look in his eyes
Told me everything I needed to know
Daddy’s hands were always there
To hold on to
And Daddy always knew
When to let go and when to hold on
Daddy taught me
Good and well
How to stand my ground
Hold my own
And not give a damn
Daddy showed me how to treat
The maid and the CEO just the same
He showed me common sense goes a long way
What to keep and what to throw away
Daddy gave me strength and courage
Bought me lots of chocolate
Took me auctioning and to horse races
Trout line fishing and ballroom dancing
Daddy did good by me and I’ll always be
Daddy’s little half breed,wild and crazy girl.

👣💗Jeanna’ Mead.

A post on Facebook asked what our dad’s taught us…I went a little crazy

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