Fairytale -Door Left Open

“It’s the problem with fairy tales. From far away, they seem so perfect. But up close, they’re just as complicated as real life…” – Soman Chainani


So, Where To From Here?
She Asks Herself
As A Lone Tear
Leaves Mascara Traces
In It’s Path Down
Her Cheek

She’s Lying
On Her Back
In The Dark
Speaking Half Truths
To Herself
& No One

She’s Been Aware
Of Her
For Quite
Some Time
But She Buried
In The Caves
Of Befuddlement

She Still Wants
The Fairytale
But She Craves
A Different Ending
She’s Only Been Honest
With Half Herself

At A Crossroads Now:
But Which Way To Go?

Being Used
Feeling Pain
Experience Gained

Not Being Used
More Pain
No Progression Made

A Major Part
Of This Game
The Veil’s
Been Lifted
The Stark, Bright
Of Reality
Shines In Her Face

She’s Going Into This
Fully Aware

Surely This Must
Prepare Her
She Thinks:

It Won’t Stop
The Pain
She’s Bound
To Feel
But Maybe

Just Maybe

She’ll Be Better

This Time Around…


Randy E. Welch.

She wakes up at 3 a.m
Walks around in her red lace underwear
Doing the things
That are necessary

For the life she lives

She starts a load of dishes
Another one of sheets
Then she grabs some milk and cookies
Climbs back underneath
All the covers

Where she writes her words
Reads others
When she can’t sleep

She’s standing
At the crossroads
Ragged edge
About to free fall
One thing or another
She’s damn straight sure
She’ll make the best
Of whatever situation

Create her own fairytale
Make the beginning and the ending
Just the way she imagines
When she wakes up at 3 a.m
Wearing red lace underwear.

💗👣Jeanna’…because Randy E Welch left the door open
4 14 a.m 2-28-19

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