Lovers and Other Things

They used to be lovers

Laying skin on skin for hours

Taking afternoon walks making coffee in the mornings and sharing wine at night

Smiling across the tables

At roadside cafes

Late night diners

Fancy dinners with well dressed strangers

They only had eyes for each other

For a long,long time

Then one day it seemed like out of the blue

The laughter stopped and the smiles did,too

They put on flannel and nylon

Instead of laying skin on skin

They turned away

Back to back

And tried to sleep

In the same bed that used to be the one place

They would tumble at the end of a day

Walking hand in hand

Staring at each other

Across tables at so many places

They used to be lovers

Kept promises to each other

Worn rings and took pictures

Made sure everyone knew they were together

And now they are almost a danger

Know all the buttons to push

Secrets that they used to trust

They stare at each other

Across long hard tables

With well dressed,well paid strangers

Hanging on to every word

Keeping track of all the numbers

Making sure they get through

With as little damage as possible

For those that used to be lovers can possibly do.

👣💗Jeanna’ Mead

6 39 a.m 2-28-19

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