Beautiful Disaster (door left open)

Last night
She slipped her bare feet
Into her trademark cowboy boots

Went to a party
Full of women
Talking about
The life they wished they were living

She walked around
Drinking wine
Wishing for whiskey
Eating the chocolate frosting
Off vanilla cupcakes

Caught a glimpse of herself
In a full length mirror
And couldn’t help but smile

She’s a beautiful disaster
Of her own kind
In tattered jeans
Tucked into well worn boots
The only woman wearing a shirt
That showed off her strength

Bare arms

Muscles shining

From jasmine and coconut oil

Her lips were red and glossy
Eyes were bright and shiny
She stared a little longer
Just to be sure

Yeah,that’s her

She broke the rules
Kicked expectations to the curb
Went out on her own
Found that she could
Do so much more

She never really doubted

That she could

She always knew full well

What she was capable of

She only pretended to be naive and innocent

She was not the type to stand around
Waiting on things to be just right

That’s not her way
One bit at all
Never been all that tame
Or cared too much
Of what others would think

She knows that
One or two
Maybe three or four
Will love her anyway
And that’s all it takes

She took one more sip
Grabbed another cupcake
With chocolate frosting
Kissed her woman friend
Right on the lips
And walked out the door
Into the cold night

A beautiful disaster


Somewhere in Texas

Living her own kinda life.


Bring it on, Randy E Welch!
👣💗 Jeanna’ Mead
6 04 a.m 3-2-19

“Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything. Nothing is static, everything is evolving, everything is falling apart…” – Chuck Palahniuk

Beautiful Disaster

She’s A Soft
Deadly Creature
Who Likes Whiskey
Cup Cakes
And Tattered Fishnets

Timid And Terrifying
She’s Completely
Out Of Control

She Has No Idea
What She’s Capable Of
And Even Though
She Seems
So Foreign To Me
I Can’t Help
Being Fascinated
By Her Boisterous Serenity

I’m Enchanted
By Her Pretend-Innocence
Jealous Of The Power
She Wields

I Want So Much
To Be Part Of Her World
I Want To Know
What It’s Like
To Be In Her Mind
To Feel What She Feels

A Tremendous
Weight To Carry
And She Carries It
Oh So Well…

She’s Out There
On Society…

An Utterly
Beautiful Disaster…


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