Hard Pressed

It was one of those things

Pros and cons of both

Were so easy to see

She stood on the ragged edge

Weighing in each hand

The choices laid before her

Hard pressed

She called upon her Creator

Held on to her faith

Pulled together her circle

Those she knew

Full well

Would not pull any punches

Hold back any truth

Shoot straight

Tell it like it is

Help her to think

A little more wisely

Choose the best

One out of two

Since she’s always been

Hard pressed

To just follow her


God given intuition

Fly by the seats

Of her well-worn jeans

Somehow land on her feet

She’ll be hard pressed

To find a better way

Than to listen to the words

Weigh both sides

Pros and cons

Look at every angle

Open all the doors

Walk up and down

Before she takes off running

Along the ragged edge

Letting go of every thing

Leaping to her destiny

Hard pressed

To be more like she dreamed

And do all the things

She’s always said

She would


When she wasn’t so

Hard pressed

By everything else

👣💗Jeanna’ Mead

6 52 a.m. 3-18-19


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