Bars and Bottles- The Two Of Us

Way back then

There was the two of us

Driving each other crazy

Playing hide-and-seek

Behind the bar

Messing with the bottles

That were just too tempting

Sneaking sips of whiskey

Bitter as could be

Johnny Walker Red

Wild Turkey

J and B

Pretending to be

Older and cooler

Clever and cunning

We were just sneaking around

Knowing full well

There could be hell to pay

If anything should break

If anyone dared

To tattle-tale

But the two of us

Were really good

At hiding

Behind the bar and the bottles

We didn’t get caught

Too often at all

Fast forward

To right now

The two of us

Are still real good

At playing hide-and-seek

Sneaking around

Hoping no-one will tattle-tale

And that old bar that held our secrets

Where we would go and hide

In plain sight

Is about to hold some more

Different kinds of bottles

Filled with other things

But it’ll still bring back memories

Of the two of us

Driving each other crazy

Hiding behind the bar and the bottles

Counting on each other

Just like way back then

The two of us

👣💗 Jeanna’ Mead

7 23 a.m 3-21-19

For Jeff..still driving him Crazy 😌

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