“How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being…” – Oscar Wilde

Oscar asked the question
He should have known damn well
Not to play games like that
With a woman

These circumstances are her choices

But make no mistake
Don’t let your guard down
Assume anything

Because underneath it all

She’s got a wild side
Mischievous streak

She doesn’t quite fit in
No matter where she goes
Standing out of bounds
Edge of the crowd
Away from the circle
In her own space

Where she can be found
Only by those
That dare to cross
That ragged edge

Get close enough

To be intoxicated

Catch her drift

Inhale her scent

Find out about

Her wild side

Get under her skin

She only lets a very few
Come that close

She keeps a curved blade tucked
Behind her belt
Inside her boot
Underneath her table

Just in case
Anyone ever tries to hold her
Against her will

Like Oscar wondered
So did others

But she had learned
To be content
With her circumstances
Most of them

And she found ways
To let her wild side free
Hitchhiking along
Kicking open doors
Holding her own
Leaving her mark
Using her words
Raising her voice
Playing her song
Dancing alone

Making do
Finding enough
The best of both worlds

She wasn’t “normal”
Whatever the tarnation
That was supposed to mean

She was happy

She had found ways

To get around

And make the best

Of all her circumstances

And that was all that was necessary

For her anyways

Jeanna’ Mead 6 6 56 a.m 3-21-19

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