Black Dog

It’s so funny, she thought

The signs that make her believe

That things are meant to be

She walked up the steps

On the ragged edge

Of certainty and doubt

To leap or to stay

From old to new

Known to unknown

But when she rounded the corner

Saw the picture on the wall

In a heartbeat she knew

Exactly what she would do

There was a black dog

That stole her heart

A long time ago

He left a mark

The life of Riley

Lived and loved so well

She had never found another

Just let sleeping dogs lay

She knew good and well,though, that if she needed him

The spirit of her big,black dog

Would show her the way

The only thing that felt like it could have been placed there by her

Was the picture she saw hanging on the wall when she rounded the corner

“Black Dog Brewing”

Was what the words said

But in that instant

In her mind’s eye

It clearly said

“This is meant to be”

Like that night so long ago

Driving down a dark road

When a little boy yelled out

“STOP! There’s a black dog out there!”

As she rounded the corner

And in a heartbeat

When she opened the door

Black dog jumped in

As if he had always known

He was meant to be

Living the life of Riley

That’s how she knew

What she would do

One picture

A thousand words

Spirit of a black dog

Stars aligned

Dark turned to light

It became so very clear

It’s such a funny thing

But that’s how she knew.

❤👣 Jeanna’ Mead

7 51 a.m 4-6-19

Riley was my big, beautiful, black boy that I almost ran over when I turned into Blackland Road on a pitch black night. My youngest son, Hunter, was with me and he yelled at me to stop.

I pulled over and he opened the door and this scared puppy jumped in.

The next day,I texted the animal control officer and described the black dog, telling him that I would keep him until the owners were found. Two days later, I texted him again and said, “I’m not giving him up, Riley is mine,now.”

Riley was over protective of me, even guarding me from my own children. He was a slobbering mess ,a gigantic lap dog and a constant source of pure love.

I had seven wonderful years with him before he died of cancer on November 27,2012.

He was mine and I was his, in a house full of other dogs and other people, it was perfectly clear who we belonged to.

I have not had a dog of my own since Riley had to go.

I had two opportunities presented to me,two choices to make- to stay at the little house on Fannin where I had started my massage business six years ago or to go with Cari to the Cade House on Goliad that she was purchasing.

I knew in my heart that it was time to leave and expand my business but I was also a little nervous about the leap,about the change,about the steps and the unknown.

I went into the house the first time with my close friend, Jim, that had found my first place on Fannin and while he talked with the real estate agent, I walked around and when I saw the picture of the black dog,I just knew it was meant to be.

Everything else in the house was very elegant,traditional, and just a bit too formal for my taste but this one picture was something that I would have chosen in a heartbeat for myself.

Black dogs and good beer.

It’s that simple.

My Riley is still protecting me and still showing me what to do.

Open up the door,jump on in- it’s meant to be.

👣♥️ Cari closed on The Cade House on July 19,2019.

She surprised me with a purchase of another black dog picture.

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