Dancing Without Fear

It’s not fear

That held her captive

That filled her dance card

It was expectations

Of other people

She didn’t want

Her heart to stop beating

And find out

That she had not

Lived and loved

Hard enough



She wanted to be


Long after her heart

Had stopped beating

As a woman

Who did things

Even when she was afraid

Even when the odds

Were stacked high against her

Even when it would have been easier

To just stay the course

She couldn’t live with herself

Unless she took the risk

And became more

Than anyone else had ever expected her to be

Fear, she decided,

Was a cotton picking liar

A stealer of dreams

Good-for-nothing thief

That she refused to dance with

She put fear in it’s place

Right behind regrets

And disappointments

Made it perfectly clear

That it had absolutely no place

In her life anymore

She had replaced it

With other dance partners

Courage, Strength, Passion and Peace

Which took her spiraling

Spinning around

With exhilaration

Close to the edge

Where she could catch the eye

Of Fear,Regret,and Disappointment

And wink as if to say

“Watch me…just watch me..I’m dancing my heart out and I’m not with you”

👣❤Jeanna’ Mead

7 37 a.m 4-7-19


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