I so understand how

Beethoven felt

When others acclaimed

Of the shepherd singing

In a field

While he heard nothing

Not a sound

But looked to see

If he could catch a glimpse

That would make it seem real

I can so relate

To Beethoven

His desire to have

Mutual exchange of thought

A gathering in which

He was really a part

Instead of on the outside

Looking in

Present in the body

Taking up space

Absent in the spirit

Trying so hard to pretend

To understand

who was speaking when about what

Just like Beethoven

I walk away

Isolate myself

Amongst the trees

Dance to the symphony

That I alone can hear

Feel the vibrations from my soul

Making it my own

I know how it is

To wonder what I’ve missed

To put together

Bits and pieces

In hopes to understand

Creating an imaginary story line

To fill in all the gaps

Just like I’m sure

Beethoven did

I wonder what he would think

Of all the things I have now

Unlike Beethoven

I can read the lyrics of the songs that others sing

The words that people speak

Technology has created

Such marvelous things

But none compares

Or will be remembered as well

As Symphony Number 9

Beethoven’s masterpiece

That he never heard

But surely felt

❤👣Jeanna’ Mead

8 10 a.m 4-17-19

For Rob..for sending me the letter Beethoven wrote. Thank you for including me and for singing so that I may feel and know. I am grateful to know you at this point of our journey.

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