Very Last Day Ever

This is the very last day ever

That I will be this age

It’s my very last chance ever

To celebrate this day

It’s a once in a lifetime day

I think I’ve done quite well

With all the days I’ve had

But this one will be

The very last day ever

So I will write a few lines

Kiss a few lips

Walk hand in hand

As much as I can

I will dance around

Half naked in my house

Put on clothes that makes me feel

Like a natural woman

Good in my own skin

I will stand on my tip toes

Bend down as low as I can go

I’ll reach the goals I set for this day

The very last day ever

That I can say

I did this when I was that age

I’ll say “yes” to the chance

“No” to the anything I don’t want

On this very last day

I’ll find a time to pray

And time to create

I’ll draw a picture

And plant a seed

Eat whatever I Damn well please

I’ll make love

In a bunch of different ways

And I’m sure I’ll make mistakes

Like I do all the time

On the very last day ever

That I get to be this age

Because when I wake up

Tomorrow morning

It’ll be the very first day ever

Of my brand new year

Jeanna’ Mead

5-9-19. 7:50 a.m

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