Country Goddess

So, what does it mean,
to call someone a goddess?

In ages past, when confronted with the most inspiring, the most mysterious, the most desirous… we often gave a name and a form to it…

Aphrodite for beauty,
Minerva for wisdom,
Isis for strength and nurturing…

You, my friend, have all of that, in abundance.

I’m not shy at all to call you a goddess…
A goddess in jeans and boots and a tank top and a little bit of lace.

You’ve sent me to other worlds with your hands and your words.

Oh, how I wish that you would dance with me again!

Happy birthday, country girl!.

❤over ten years ago,this guy and I became friends after sitting next to each other for the Dallas Morning News Voices writers meeting.

I became his “country girl” and he is my “city boy”.

We share stories and poetry and check in on each other and after years of teasing, my city boy finally caved in and bought cowboy boots.

He wears them every Friday to the office and thinks of how his country girl was right when she told him that a pair of good cowboy boots could change his life.

I guess now I’m the “country goddess”

Lord have mercy.

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