It was a wake up call

A hard truth

Slap in the face

That she knew

No way about it

No amount of covering up

Would change the cold,hard fact

She wasn’t prepared

Couldn’t do what she should

If the time was to come

She’ll be filled with regrets

Left behind

A burden to bear

The weak link

That was so dangerous

Not anything she ever dreamed

Nothing she was proud of

Hard to believe

So she watched it all again

Thought about it

How the universe works out

That she would find it

On the week she was making plans

Bucket list

Promises to herself

For this year of her life

She would be dangerous

Force to be reckoned with

Strong enough

To run to and from

Save her own self

Carry another

She was hellbent

Not to ever be

In the place She is

Much longer

It was too dangerous

In this time and age

To be the one that couldn’t escape

She wanted to be

So dangerous

And free.

❤👣Jeanna’ Mead

7 33 a.m 5-19-19

Many years ago I was in a situation where it was dangerous and I got away. I swore I would always be able to…but the truth-the hard truth-is that I haven’t kept that promise to myself.

This year of my life I’m keeping my promises to myself.

Be dangerous

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