Blue Cottage Surprise

There’s a little blue cottage

I pass by

Almost every morning

Just because it looks

So warm and inviting

Sunflowers blooming

In terra cotta pots

Wicker chairs with bright cushions

A well laid path

Welcome mat

So very much like I imagine

My dream home to be

So I placed a gift

Upon the steps

With a note of gratitude

My favorite flowers

For them to plant

Wherever they see fit

A handwritten card

Expressing how I felt

Each time I passed by

The blue cottage

In which they lived

I hope whoever it is

Receives it with

The intention that I gave

Surprised and delighted

Just the way I feel

Every time

I pass by

The little blue cottage

That’s so close to mine.

jeanna Mead

10 39 a.m 5-29-19

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