So Irresistible

What was she supposed to do

When these things happen

Maybe she’s supposed to take them off

Under lock and key

Because it seems to be

So Irresistible

Could it be the essence

Of the woman she is

A lingering scent

That attracts

Or maybe it’s the way

It feels, soft like silk

Or maybe it’s an acquired taste

She just couldn’t tell

Quite for sure

What made it all

So Irresistible

But she knew she couldn’t live without having them

She’ll find a way

To make sure

It doesn’t happen

So often anymore

She’ll keep the door closed

Place them in a hard to reach place

Make sure it can’t be grabbed

And torn away

Since it’s clearly

So Irresistible

And she’s down to the last few

For now anyways

❤Jeanna’ Mead

9 25 a.m. 6-6-19

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