As Sweet As Ever

So much had changed

Over the years

It seemed like

She never got to do

All the things she used to

It was a crying shame

That so much had changed

By this time

She used to be

Dark brown like a coconut shell

From long lazy days

At the lake

She used to run and jump

Into the waters

Whenever she could

Had a bikini underneath

Just in case

The opportunity came

She rode her bike

For miles and miles

Walked all over the place

Cut off jeans and tiny tops

Leaving as much skin as possible

For the sun to touch

Well yesterday proved

One thing hadn’t changed

She’s still as sweet as ever

Still has that scent about her

And she’s covered

With the tell tale signs

That she’s been out

Messing around

Without covering every inch of skin

Without something to prevent

Getting eaten half alive

Bitten in places

She couldn’t even reach

She’s still just as sweet as ever

Marks on her skin

Make it clear

Some things haven’t changed

❤👣Jeanna’ Mead

6 23 a.m. 6.7.19

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