Reasons Why

There were a few reasons why

She finally made up her mind

After waiting at the ragged edge

For as long as she had

She felt that it was high time

To live life without regrets

She had been holding back

Biting her tongue

Staying in the shadows

Putting off until tomorrow

Which never seemed to come

There was a stack of unread books

Envelopes still unaddressed

Stories in her head waiting to be written

There was a long list

Of places

She would love to get

Things she wanted to do

So bad she could taste it

On the tip of her tongue

And it seemed as if

She might never get the chance

Unless she begin to do what she said

Put her words into truth

Get her own self ready

Take a few more chances

Dance just because

The music is playing

Find the treasures

In the unlikely places

Follow through

On all the things

She claimed to believe

Receive as much as she’s given

Stop making up excuses

There’s a million reasons why

She should live life

Until she dies

💙👣 Jeanna’ Mead

823 a.m 6.17.19

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