Say What I Think

All I can do right now

Is try my best

To hold back

Some measure of distance

But it’s getting hard

The time will come

I will say exactly

What I think

And you’ll stand there

Fully aware

That you’re the one

That put yourself there

I walk as far as I can

Avoid passing by

If there’s any chance

But you leave a tell-tale scent

That lingers in the air

Seeps into the vents

And leaves me

Fighting the demons

You bring back to me

I’m so close

To raising my voice

Walking right up

Saying what I think

And the only thing

That’s stopping me

Is that you have no place

To know what this does to me

Beyond what you already know

I won’t give you anything

But a piece of my mind

And you’ll wish you hadn’t tried to get away

With all those things.

👣💚 Jeanna’ Mead

8-1-19 4:54 a. m

Smelling smoke stole a day from me.. putting me into a massive migraine.


Pure and simple.

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