Something happened yesterday that-I’ll never experience and I’m sharing to remind others of how much you take for granted.
Several years ago,my daughter was the receptionist at the massage studio I was at.
Yesterday she recognized the distinctive voice of a client at the check out line of the store.
She hasn’t seen him in years but she instantly recognized his voice.

As a deaf person,I’m always amazed and a bit perplexed when people tell me how much my son sounds like my husband or ask about my “accent” because I really can’t distinguish voices.

Recently while standing several feet behind someone, they recognized my own voice when they overheard my reply to another lady.
I was surprised when she said ” I’ll know your voice anywhere”

It’s made me wonder what it would feel like to know the voices of people but I’m sure of one thing-I know the body.
If I’ve ever massaged a person, I’ll always remember their body.
I may forget what they’ve said,what they’ve done,but I’ll remember the body I’ve touched.
That’s the voice I know

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