Full Moon

She was Footloose

But not fancy free

Gazing at the moon

Sitting outside

Rocking chair at midnight

She felt at home

Even though she wasn’t

So to speak

She worn old leggings

Faded tee that still smelled like hard work and sweat

And only traces

Of yesterday’s makeup

She ate whatever she could find.

Wished for more

Settled for less

There is a full moon

And a full glass

A lot to be said

More to be done

But right now

She would just sit outside

Finally write

Let go of some things

Hold on to others

Learn from her mistakes

Be like the moon

That only shows

How full it is

Once in a blue moon

Most of time time

Only showing slivers and sides

Hiding the best parts

From almost every one

Jeanna’ Mead

12 39 a.m. 8 14.19


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