This is real

This is raw

This is what I feel

Down inside it all

Right in front of anyone

That happens to come

It takes some special bond

To be right there

Be seen

Let the tongues wag

Let them say

Whatever they want

Get out the red paint

Let them wonder

Make up stories

Doesn’t matter

All that much

There’s a handful

That’s enough

That never disappear

Always seen

No matter where

I can feel

My worth with them.

Jeanna’ Mead

523 a.m 10.11.19

By jeannasoul

I'm a woman that is absolutely in love with life....I'm doing what I love to do-as a massage therapist,a writer,a seeker of all that touches my soul and lifts my body.
I find great pleasure in the midst of chaos, in time with nature and kindred spirits.
I love the wisdom and clarity of Paulo Coelho, the music that makes me dance, and being present with the person I'm with.
I write to fulfill my soul and, hopefully, to touch others.

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