She had forgiven him

Long ago

When the prison doors shut down

She had already set him free

It was herself that she had the hardest time


She walked away from the circle

That she once claimed

As close as family

It took a long time

But the day came, finally

When she forgave them

One by one

But she never said

She still had the hardest time

Forgiving herself

But it was over and done

Couldn’t go back

In time at all

But she sure wished

That she had been

Stronger then

More like now

She forgave him

And forgave her

Understood completely

The reasons and the whys

She had the hardest time

Erasing the words

That were carved into her

But she finally forgave it all

She didn’t bear a grudge at all

Held on to what she had learned

It was one thing to say

Another to do

She knew the difference and it was finally true

She forgave herself

Last of all

But most of all

♥️ Jeanna’ Mead

8 55 a.m 10.13.19

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