Maybe He Does

Maybe there are nights.

When he wakes up

Gasping for breath

Struggling with the past

Battling the memories

Of the things he had done

Maybe he does

The same thing she does

Lays there at night

Going over everything

In his mind

Cursing himself for what he did

When he poured

One too many

Thinking it would be

Just a little fun and games

Maybe he regrets

Pulling her away

Taking things too far

Leaving her with invisible scars

Maybe he fights himself

Just the same way

She fought him

The way she fights him now

When she shuts her eyes

Or shuts a door

Without any escape

Maybe he wishes

He could change

Everything that happened that day

Maybe he does

But he’ll never tell her

And she won’t tell him

Jeanna’ Mead

7 23 a.m. 10 12.19

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