Channeling Mema

There’s one guy

Out there

That knows exactly how I feel

He was channeling Mema

Making me laugh out loud

“I wouldn’t want that nasty thing in my mouth, either. ”

Oh, damn straight

That’s what she would say

Pictures of me

Walking on somebody

“Oh, Jeanna'”

There he goes again

Channeling Mema

Telling it like it is

He’s just like me

Raised up by the woman

That loved us so much

She told us each

To never, ever give up

I swear when he gets me

Just like I do him

She would have smacked me

Right upside the head

For doing what I did

But she would have been laughing

Singing along to Robbins

While outside by the garage

Lord have mercy

There he goes again

Channeling Mema

Reminding us both

Of who we are

And what she said

Maybe just maybe

We should go find a place

With cornbread and beans

Sit and talk

Over chocolate cake

Drink a margarita even

With some enchiladas

We could be channeling Mema

Jeanna’ Mead

6 44 a.m. 10.17.19

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