Somebody’s Something

Heard this song and I started crying before too long

The words hit me right in the heart

I’ve always been somebody’s something

And never just me

I was my Daddy’s little half bred

My momma’s doll to dress as she pleased

Mema’s “change of life” baby that she raised

I was the very first or the very last

Depending on who you asked

I became a wife

Way too young

Before I even knew

Who I was

It didn’t take all that long

For the day to come

That I become a mom

Over and over

Over and over, again

I poured my heart and soul

Into raising them right

Giving all the love in all the right places

Then before I knew what to think

In a heartbeat I became

One more name

One more role to play

Something else to somebody else

These are things I wouldn’t change

For the life of me

But I can’t help but wonder

Who else I am

What could I be

Where would I like to go

What would I see

Which words are my own

What am I, really

Besides somebody’s something

Jeanna’ Mead

8 38 a.m. 10.21.19

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