Easy To Love

She’s easy to love

Just like you are

A little bit stubborn


But then again

That just makes it better

She’s not everyone’s

Cup of tea

But that’s okay

She drinks coffee anyway

Takes her whiskey straight

Dances when she’s working

Gets by just fine

She’s easy to love

Easy on the eyes

Easy going

Most of the time

Just don’t get her riled up

Press your luck

Push the wrong buttons

Leave her hanging

But other than that

She’s real easy to love

She’ll give you sass

Make you laugh

Pull you close

Push you back

Take you to the ragged edge

Sweet talkin’ all the while

Flash you a smile

That will make you feel

As if you’re

Easy to love, too.

👣♥️ Jeanna’ Mead

6 25 a.m. 11.2.19


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