Kisses And Other Things

Maybe it was meant to be

Taken differently

But when he kissed her

On the head

She knew what he meant

Maybe it should have come

As a surprise

When his lips meet hers

That night

But he laughed and said

“That’s what you get

From standing under the mistletoe”

She was from another country

Where kissing was common place

When she greeted her

It was full on the lips

And she stood there

Slightly off guard

For just a moment before

She realized what it was

All about

She’s been kissed

Ten thousand times

Kissed by strangers, friends and Lovers

She’s kissed the living and the dead

Little children and babies in bed

She kissed an old man

In a grocery aisle

A young guy in a darkened bar

She kissed away the pain

And her kisses bought heartache

She kissed with everything she had

And she kissed with just her lips

Her kisses tasted like cinnamon sugar



Sweet wine


Chocolate candy

Maple syrup and pancakes

She left lip prints

On napkins

And glasses

Hands, necks and cheeks

On the envelopes of letters

But most of them were rubbed in

Rubbed off

Leaving only the memory

Of where when they had been

Kissed and other things had happened

💙👣 Jeanna’ Mead

8 06 a.m. 11.23.19

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