Mister Santa

Mister Santa

What do you know

What do you think

What goes on

Behind the scenes

Closed doors

Inside the hearts?

Who’s naughty and who’s nice?

Mister Santa

Do you check the list

Mark it twice?

Give gold stars

For extra effort?

Do you read between the lines

Or do you read minds?

Oh, Mister Santa

Is it true

That we only get

What we expect?

If I make a list

Will it be read?

Could I count on you, Mr Santa

Do you think I’ve been good?

I certainly try

Try again and again

I do my best

But then…

Oh, Mr Santa

Sometimes I slip

I sneak in

Chocolate kisses

When I shouldn’t

Skip a workout

That I should have done

I tell little white lies

Sweet talk a bit too much

I got caught flirting

Didn’t mean a thing

I had too much whiskey

And not enough to eat

I fell asleep

When I should have been listening

I forgot to meet a deadline

Got distracted by a story I was writing

Oh, goodness gracious, Santa

But I sure do I try

I give a little bit too much

Go a little crazy

From time to time

But, then again

I gotta live this

One wild and precious life

So, Mister Santa

Cut me some slack

Give a gal a break

I’m doing pretty good

Most always

And this is what I’ll like

If you’ll just pretty please

Have a little mercy on me

Dang gum dog did it again and again

Got into my lingerie

So I need more lace underthings

My cowboy boots are getting worn thin

God knows a gal can never have too many pairs

A red lipstick and a good pen

A steady clientele

Boxes of sheets in bright colors and every pattern

Salsa dance lessons

A flight across the sky

Turquoise stones

And hands to hold

Words on wood

And times with friends

Bottomless mimosas

Blueberry pancakes

After a night of dancing

Mr Santa, oh, what can I say

Let me explain

Most of what I want

Can’t be wrapped

Or placed underneath the tree

I’ll love to have some company

A walk on the wild side

To ride a horse on the beach

Grab a kayak and go for the day

Camp out under the stars

Cuddle up to stay warm

I’ll like to walk across the stage

Speak my mind about so many things

Get a few things lifted

Gray taken away

Maybe personal training is what I need

Oh, Mr Santa

What can I say?

I’m not no angel but, then again,

You could say the same

Most of the time

We are both

Trying our very best

Making a list

Checking it twice

We don’t pout

We don’t shout

We keep things light

And we jingle as we step

Once in a blue moon

Just once in a while

We might slip

But that’s alright

Because most of the time

Nine times out of ten

We do the best we can

Don’t you agree,Mr Santa, with me?

Jeanna’ Mead


7 53 a.m


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