Vision 2020

She will be different

This time around

She’s learned her lessons

The hard way


She’s put her self

In a holding pattern

For way too long

But it’s a new year

Vision 2020

Like the third eye



All that spiritual mojo

She sees the past

Without too much regret

It is what it is

She sees the present

Like it is

Just now

This moment and this day

She sees the future

And she’s not afraid

She’ll be ready

For whatever it takes

She won’t lean on

Anyone else

Climb every obstacle

By her own self

She will make her plans

Figure out a way

Step by step

No matter what it takes

Until she can look at herself

And know she did her best

Vision 2020

Jeanna’ Mead

7 20 a.m. 1.8.20

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