Who The Hell

Who the hell

Are you, anyway

Looking over your shoulder

Wondering what’s I’ve got that you don’t

Who the hell

Are you, anyways

Whispering underneath your breath

Passing judgment like refreshments

Casting stones and smearing names

Who the hell

Do you think you are

Looking down

As if you’re as pure as the driven snow

I’ll tell you

Who the hell you are

You ain’t no friend of mine

You ain’t sitting at my table

Or drinking my wine

You ain’t filling my space

With your vicious vibe

Because, I see right through

That well maintenance facade

Who the hell do you think you’re fooling

As well as you fool your own self?

I’ll be damned

If you’ll try to make me feel

Less than Beautiful

In my own skin

There ain’t no way

You can tell me

How beautiful I am

Jeanna’ Mead

656 a.m. 1.20 20


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