Hardwired Instincts

After a sleepless October night battling nightmares, I sent a text with just a simple statement.

“Answer some questions. Has it been twenty years?”

The answer came back,

“Since 2000, so, yes, and he’s up for parole”

I had known

My intuition had been so hardwired. The nightmares had came back with intensity… I fought and I always said, “I will win. Let me fight. Let me fight”

Greg knew after years and years not to try to wake me when I was battling. It made it worse. It made me upset.

He let me fight and I fought hard

I always won.

At least in my dreams

This week, someone else sent me a text

“He gets out in April.”

I’m prepared

I started training in January.

I am ready

I will win.

In real life

Not just my dreams

Jeanna’ Mead

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