This has bought to light a lot of things that I’ve wondered about.

Clarity in the chaos.

I’ve lived in this house for 20 years now… and I’ve never had the time to dedicate days to organizing and cleaning my attic and garage.

I’m doing this now… Climbing up into the dark corners and finding my son’s favorite baseball shirt, the Mexican doll furniture that my daddy bought me when I was a child, the Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes that my Mema made, letters from my Mom written during her battle with cancer, favorite toys and books.

I’ve ground things that reminded me of who we used to be- guitar amps, golf clubs, rodeo equipment, and things that reminded me of people that used to be in my life.
A handwritten card, a faded hat, a note inside a book.
I’ve taken the time as I’ve gone through things, not rushing like usual to just grab the Christmas ornaments or the sleeping bags or the water guns and inner tubes.
I’m remembering. I’m pausing. I’m being present and in awe.
I’m being grateful.

#RockwallStrong2020 #jeannasoul #loveyourjourney #myownwords #writingmyheartout

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