It seemed like

The silence stretched out for miles

Restless energy

She knew that if she tried

It wouldn’t feel right

She would want to get out

Stop awhile and look around

Maybe if she knew without doubt

That she could stay awhile

Someplace else

Explore and find

Her own self

Then catch up again. After awhile

She might be able to do that

It just seems like

It would be too much silence

For way too long

👣♥️ Jeanna’ Mead

9 03 a.m. May 4 2020

By jeannasoul

I'm a woman that is absolutely in love with life....I'm doing what I love to do-as a massage therapist,a writer,a seeker of all that touches my soul and lifts my body.
I find great pleasure in the midst of chaos, in time with nature and kindred spirits.
I love the wisdom and clarity of Paulo Coelho, the music that makes me dance, and being present with the person I'm with.
I write to fulfill my soul and, hopefully, to touch others.

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