For Too Long

For way too long

She’s put off


On the back burner

Bottom of the totem pole

Balanced everything else

Gave and gave again

Until there was nothing left

But now the time

Might just be right

She’s got less than she’s ever had

More time

That’s for sure

So she made herself a promise

Swore this time

Would be different

From all the others

There was no reason

Why she couldn’t

Do what she had planned

For way too long

It sure has hell wouldn’t be easy

It sure would take time

But that’s one thing

She had plenty of

If she put half a mind to it

As much as she had in the beginning

When she made one dream come into reality

There was no reason why

She couldn’t do this too

For way too long

It’s been on her mind

One of her biggest regrets

This would be the year

The best one yet

👣♥️ Jeanna’ Mead

4 29 p.m. 6 6 20

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