Compassionate Bullshit

I just read another post calling wearing a mask the ” most compassionate thing you can do”… I’m calling it bullshit.
When I go someplace where everyone is wearing a mask, I feel vulnerable and on guard.
I can’t understand anything anyone says with a mask on and because it covers so much of the face, it’s difficult to read facial expressions. That’s not compassionate.

My massage practice shares space with a center for counseling. Survivors of trauma, domestic abuse, sexual assault, etc are having an extremely difficult time adapting to this. It is undoing years of therapy…. When someone has been gagged, and raped by someone in a mask… seeing a person of the same build in a mask is terrifying.

Last Sunday, I pulled into the parking lot and just sat there, tears rolling down my face because I feel so vulnerable.
Trying to go into a store to get shoes for training when masks are required to walk inside… It isn’t compassionate.

You don’t know what demons others have to fight so don’t call wearing masks “the most compassionate” thing because, for the deaf and hard of hearing it isn’t, for the survivors of trauma, it isn’t, for the POW that has his PTSD triggered, it isn’t.

The only places I feel safe is #925NGoliad, Legends Fit, Anytime Fitness Rockwall, TX and San Jacinto Plaza, Downtown Rockwall….

Yesterday,a friend and I sat outside and drank Corona after his massage. I could read his lips and we had a great conversation.

I choose where I go, and who I’m with.
I will choose to be compassionate and not unleash any memories that a mask might trigger.

If you step into my space, walk with Love and take that mask off….. If you speak to me, take that mask off and for the love of God, if you are walking around outside, breath in the fresh air and take that damn mask off.

writingmyheartout #jeannasoul #925ngoliad #deaftherapist

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