Kindness Of Strangers

While doing a session, this beautiful song came on and, as I read the words, I thought of the way the kindness of strangers has touched my heart the last several days.
I had pulled up at Action Sport Nutrition in Rockwall when a guy rolled down his window to tell me something.
I stepped closer to his car and told him that I couldn’t hear him because I’m hard of hearing. . He got out and showed me where my skid plate had came loose. He was kind enough to remove his mask so I could read his lips.He cared enough to stop and alert a stranger about something. That’s kindness.
I went into the store where I’ve gone for years because I know the owner is such a kind man.Of course, after telling Matt what happened, Matt walked out and looked under my car, too, and assured me that I could drive safely back to work.At Healthy Banh Mi, the young lady that took my order, used her phone to verify who I was and after giving my order to me, she signed “thank you” with kindness in her eyes.I had a new client that looked up on YouTube the way to sign “thank you” and surprised me by signing it after his massage.When I was at MOD Pizza a few weeks ago, another client recognized my situation, as I tried to understand what was being said to me and she came to my rescue.The kindness of strangers makes such a difference, even more so when you have a hearing loss and depend on lip reading in a world where almost every place masks are required.
I have found, though, that masks seem to bring out the best in most people or maybe it’s just me, and I receive the best because I expect it- I really do… I expect to be treated with kindness, I expect to be able to read lips and I expect to find good people in my path and somehow, that isexactly what happens.So if you see me out and about and if you’ve got on a mask, I promise it’s not my intention to be rude, but I really can’t understand a word you say behind that mask… But I can understand every kindness you show me and others.Just remember this, “kindness is the language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”#deaftherapist #writingmyheartoutHere is the song… me how the kindness of strangers has brighten your day!

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